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In January, the literary students of Gabriel Voisin High-School attended a play in English on the life and works of Nelson Mandela. They could discover there some less known passages of this great man’s life, like his meeting with his wife Winnie, her activism to make him free, the fact that he could not see his own children even for a visit while in prison and that he only met them when they were adults, or that he had been jailed with his best friend. Mandela’s was a story of loyalty, justice, freedom and wisdom that eventually led to the end of Apartheid in South Africa.

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To study this topic more thoroughly, the literary students and other classes will watch a documentary on Nelson Mandela’s trial on April 4th. For this occasion, they will encounter the film directors of this documentary to talk with them about the film, Nelson Mandela and the context in which he had to live.

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