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Suite à la sortie cinéma en anglais pour toutes les classes de 1ère, le vendredi 27 et le lundi 30 janvier, trois élèves de 1ère S2 vous proposent une critique en anglais.

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The film, based on real facts, is about the history of one of the most famous multinationals in the world : Mc Donald’s.
It all began in California in 1948 when the Mc Donald brothers opened a small fast food restaurant with a new concept : the Speedee system (cheap, limited items, quickly served).
A few years later, Ray Kroc, an unfortunate multimixer salesman (played by Michael Keaton) was so surprised when the Mc Donald brothers placed an order of 8 multimixers that he decided to go and meet them. He was immediately impressed by the success of their concept and managed to convince them he could help them to expand with franchises.
He was so ambitious ,greedy and pitiless (as he said, for him :”Business is war”) that he progressively took over the company, turned it into an empire and ended up buying the name Mc Donald in 1961.The 2 brothers never got the money he promised they would have.
Ray Kroc embodies the American dream : if you persevere, you will succeed .
The film mixes action and emotion and the actors are fantastic. It was interesting to see how McDonald’s became what it is today.
Written by Lison Chardonnay,Laury De Oliveira and Ambre Durieux (1ère S2)

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